The Christian Prayer App

God is raising an army of prayer warriors

Your Calling

God is taking intercession to the next level by calling all true Christian believers to fight the coming spiritual battles with advanced prayer technology. To effectively take up arms against the ever increasing darkness, it is necessary to deliver prayer requests promptly, and to target areas of need with a bombardment of prayers accurately. The tool God is calling us to create to fight this spiritual warfare is the Praycraft mobile app, which will turn the tide against evil by using modern prayer-based mobile technology.


The project will be realized with the financial support of Christian believers who hear the calling of God, understand the importance of prayer and know that modern tools can improve our prayer efforts. Your donation will be used for the development and marketing of the Praycraft app, while also providing you with unique in-app benefits.

Mobile App

Screenshot of the Praycraft app

Prayer Request

Your prayer requests are immediately delivered to armies of true Christian prayer warriors. An algorithm matches your prayer needs with the most suitable intercessors to deliver prompt and precise prayers.


Scroll through a list of prayer requests compiled according to your interests and settings. Say an intercessory prayer yourself, and see the numbers go up as Christian believers unite to fight off evil.


Create a group for your church, prayer circle or event. Send your prayer requests to the group and pray for other members. Follow the activity of your group by seeing its numbers go up as you fight the spiritual battle together.


Gain progress in God’s army of prayer warriors. Increase your rank to unlock additional features. Earn Bible passages and develop a habit of regularly reading the Bible. Receive achievements and titles. Compare your progress with others.

Our Calling

God has entrusted all of us with making the most of our prior experiences and acquired knowledge to further His Kingdom. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of internet based technology. We believe that our calling is to equip Christians with modern tools to fight against evil. We are very passionate about creating the Praycraft app and are extremely determined to make it happen.

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